Generally, these are documents required by the lenders. In some cases we may require documents specified here. If you have ANY questions or are unable to provide, please let us know. Again this is just a guide, not what is 100% required.



  • Employment letter and most recent pay stub. The employment letter should state how long you have worked at your job, your job title, salary or hourly wage. If hourly employee, the letter should guarantee the numbers of hours worked per week.
  • If you have any Overtime /Bonuses/ Shift Differential, or any income that is NOT guaranteed the Lender usually requires a 2 year average of T4’s and 2 years Notice of Assessments (tax returns)
  • If you are on Maternity Leave we can use your going back to work income. We would need an employment letter confirming date you are returning to work and income when you return.

Self-Employed for 2 years or longer

  • 2 years T1 Generals (personal), 2 years Notice of Assessments (tax returns), and Company Financial Statements for the most recent year.

Self-Employed for less than 2 years

  • Contact us for specific documents that will be required

Commissioned sales

  • Employment letter confirming length of employment, any base salary, plus commissions earned year to date.
  • Proof of 2 years commissions viaT4A’s, Year to date paystub, or Notice of Assessments

Child support / Alimony

  • Copy of Separation / divorce agreement confirming payments.

Child Tax credit / universal

  • Copy of statements confirming payment amount
  • 3 month bank statements confirming deposits

Income from Rental property.

  • Copy of lease, if you do not have a lease we can get market rents from an appraisal company.