Mortgage Insurance

Through our insurance division InsureLine Brokers Elite, we can give you a choice of insurers along with the Collin Bruce Team’s expertise and our trademark customer experience. We have access to home, auto, business, recreation, and leisure insurance to keep your assets safe and give you the peace of mind you need.

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Types of Insurance

Property and casualty insurance includes all types of insurance apart from life and health insurance. It includes:

Automobile Insurance

Car insurance premiums account for more than 50% of all property and casualty premiums in Canada. Every car that is on the road needs to be insured for third party liability. Most drivers will also get insurance coverage against any damage to their vehicle and theft.

Property Insurance

It is required by law for homeowners to insure their properties against loss or injury to others. Many homeowners also get additional content insurance to ensure that their belongings are protected as well.

Personal property insurance is an insurance policy for personal property or property that will not be used for business purposes. These policies include:

    • Tenant’s insurance
    • Homeowner’s insurance
    • A condominium unit owner insurance

Business property insurance is a policy for properties that will be used for business purposes. Not only do they provide coverage for loss and damages, but they also give business owners protection from the indirect cost of having to temporarily be out of business while recovering from any disruption to their business.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is coverage that helps cover another individual’s expenses in the event that you are found responsible for injury or damage caused to them.

Trying to navigate insurance policies can be overwhelming and complicated. At Colin Bruce, our number one goal is to simplify it for you. If you are in the market for insurance, come into Collin Bruce and let us help determine what will best suit your needs.