Empowering Aging in Place with the CHIP Reverse Mortgage

Empowering Aging in Place with the CHIP Reverse Mortgage

Empowering Aging in Place with the CHIP Reverse Mortgage

As we age, maintaining independence and staying in the home we love can be a challenge, especially when faced with reduced mobility and the need for costly home modifications and personal care services. However, with the CHIP Reverse Mortgage by HomeEquity Bank, aging in place becomes more feasible and attainable. Here are three ways in which this unique financial solution can support you: 

1. Enhance your home for accessibility and enjoyment. 

The CHIP Reverse Mortgage enables you to make essential home improvements that improve accessibility, safety, and overall livability. For example, you can adjust electrical switches and outlets to a more comfortable height, eliminating the need for reaching overhead. You can also plan for features like relocating the laundry room from the basement to the main floor to facilitate single-level living. 

2. Afford the convenience of at-home care. 

With funds from the CHIP Reverse Mortgage, you can access financial resources to help with various at-home care needs. From hiring a cleaning crew to maintain your house regularly to securing 24/7 in-home caregivers, the funds provide the means to ensure you receive the necessary assistance and support. 

3. Support for transitioning into assisted living or long-term care. 

If your spouse or a loved one needs to move into assisted living or long-term care, the CHIP Reverse Mortgage can alleviate the financial strain of the transition. The funds can be used to pay for accommodation and meals, known as co-payment fees, ensuring that your loved one receives the care they need. 

Ease financial burdens with the CHIP Reverse Mortgage 

The CHIP Reverse Mortgage by HomeEquity Bank allows Canadians aged 55 + to unlock up to 55% of their home’s equity as tax-free cash. This enables you to revitalize your living space, afford at-home care services, or support your spouse’s transition to assisted living or long-term care. What’s more, there are no required monthly mortgage payments until you decide to move or sell your home. 

Contact your Dominion Lending Centres mortgage expert today to discover how the CHIP Reverse Mortgage can empower your journey of aging in place. 

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