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Borrowed Down Payment

With all mortgages, you need to have at least a 5% down payment saved up. Don’t have it? Don’t worry. We have mortgages available so you can borrow the down payment from a loan or line of credit and still get the best rates available. We can even help you set up a line of credit.

This is a great way to take advantage of low-interest rates and housing prices without having to wait while you save up the down payment. The minimal amount of interest you would pay on the loan, compared to the potential higher difference in future interest rates and housing prices, puts you further ahead when you buy now. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get into your dream home.


Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced buyer, we can provide you with access to the best mortgage products and rates across Canada.

Let us educate you about borrowed down payment mortgages, self-employment programs, rental purchase programs, vacation property programs, and other financing alternatives before you make your purchase. We can help you get into your new home much sooner than you expect.


Nearly 60% of borrowers simply sign and send back the first renewal the lender offers them without ever shopping around for a more favourable interest rate. Homeowners should never accept a first-rate offer from their existing lender. Without any negotiation, simply signing up for the market rate on a renewal unnecessarily costs the homeowner a lot of money on their mortgage.

Generally, it is a good idea to start shopping for a new term four to six months before your current mortgage term expires. Before you even hear from your lender about renewing your mortgage term, have the Collin Bruce Mortgage Team shop around for you. You will be amazed at what we can accomplish on your behalf!


There are many reasons for refinancing a mortgage. You might want to stabilize your payments by changing from a variable to a fixed-rate mortgage. Perhaps you have improved your credit score and qualify for a better mortgage with a better discount. Or maybe you want to refinance a home loan to pull out equity for home improvements, investments, college expenses, or high-interest debt consolidation.

Home equity is an easy and affordable way to access the money you have accumulated in your home, especially if you have a good first mortgage in place. If you plan to remove equity from your home, you should be aware of the benefits and possible risks. Talk to a licensed mortgage professional and financial planner to discuss how you can make home equity work for you.

Purchase + Improvements

Let’s face it, finding the perfect home that checks all the boxes can be a challenge. With our purchase + improvements program you don’t have to let the cost of renovations deter you from choosing that right home.

Whether you need to purchase a new furnace, install new flooring, or complete a kitchen renovation, the funds you need for this can be included in your mortgage upfront and part of your regular payments. The government allows up to 10% of your purchase price to be added to the mortgage for renovations, and mortgage rates are often lower than what you’re able to secure for a home improvement loan. Contact us to see if this program is right for you.

Spousal Buyout Program

Ending a relationship can be extremely complex and emotional. We’d like to do our best to make the process of dividing your home equity as smooth as possible. With a legal separation agreement in place, we can work within the terms established in the agreement and assist you in buying out your partner, splitting up the equity, and paying off shared debt. The individual staying in the home can refinance the home at up to 95% of the homes appraised value.

This program also applies to common law couples and joint titled individuals (ie. siblings/friends who own a home together). Please reach out to our team today for advice on starting this process. We’d love to answer all your questions and help guide you through this difficult time.

New to Canada

We’ve been fortunate to assist many newcomers to Canada in buying their first home in this beautiful country. We realize this can feel like a daunting task, so we’ll be very patient and diligent in explaining each step of the process. Even for those with newer credit, and as little as 5% down, we’ll always do our best to assist each and every client in achieving their goals of home ownership.

Whether you’re a permanent resident or here on a work visa, we want to help. We’re happy to connect you with our wonderful partners; realtors, lawyers, home inspectors – whatever you need! We’ll provide you with our expert advice and always aim to make the process as smooth as possible.

Second Properties

Buying a Rental Property vs Purchasing a New Primary Residence and Renting out Your First Home: Have you been considering an income property and wondering how much you’ll require for a down payment? Depending on the approach you take, you’ll either require 5% down or 20%. Here’s how it works. When purchasing a new property for the purpose of a rental you are required to have a minimum 20% down payment. With that said, if you purchase a new home as your primary residence and choose to turn your old home into a rental property you’ll only require a 5% down payment for your new home purchase.

If you choose to purchase a new primary residence and want to rent out your first home we can arrange for an appraiser to complete a market rent report so we can use this rental income to help you qualify for your new mortgage. The appraiser will look at similar homes to yours to get a sense for what is average for rental income on that type of property. Alternatively, if you are purchasing a home with a legal rental suite we are also able to use a market rent report (using a qualified appraiser) to help you to qualify for a larger mortgage based on the anticipated rental income.

Buying a Vacation Property: If you’re purchasing a second home to use as a vacation property, not to use as a rental, you’ll only be required to have a minimum 5% down payment. Purchasing a vacation home for the purposes of generating rental income will have different requirements.

Building equity in multiple properties can certainly be a great way to build a strong financial future for your and your family. Talk to one of our qualified mortgage specialists and a financial planner as you consider the idea of owning more than one home. Our team is happy to answer all of your questions and help you to determine if multi-home ownership is the right plan for you.

Vehicle Financing

We can offer a variety of services to assist with vehicle financing and re-financing, at no cost to you, for auto/trailer/boat and RV! We can often take your current auto-loan and lower the payments by extending your amortization/reducing the interest rate. If you need money for down payment on your first home, we can look at consolidating your debt to free up some cash flow. Ask us about how we can assist in getting you removed as co-signer from a vehicle loan in order to improve your debt ratio. We can also help you finance your new vehicle purchase – with access to multiple lenders we compete for the best possible interest rate. Contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve your goals with both home and vehicle ownership and financing. 

CHIP Reverse Mortgage

If you are retiring with debt and want to consolidate, if your investment portfolio has not performed as well as planned, or if you require additional cash flow to deal with rising expenses due to inflation, then the CHIP Reverse Mortgage may be the right financial solution for you. From helping you pay bills and cover unplanned expenses to having the freedom to travel more or purchase a second home or vacation property, the CHIP Reverse Mortgage is a versatile and flexible financial solution for retired Canadians at least 55 years old.

Individuals who use the CHIP Reverse Mortgage usually fall within four groups based on their financial needs:

1. Alleviate the stress of debt. You fall within this group if you need help making mortgage payments and paying your credit card bill. If you prefer not to use your savings or investment portfolio for cash and are incurring more and more debt over time due to unavoidable expenses, then you likely require a solution to ease your financial stress.

2. Pay for unplanned expenses. If you are facing unexpected expenses, such as fixing a broken window, retrofitting your home for mobility reasons, or even incurring costs associated with in-home care, you fall into this group. Essentially, you are facing a short-term financial strain and need quick cash to take care of the costs.

3. Want to live life to the fullest. You fall into this group if you want to take advantage of your free time now that you have retired but need more funds. It would help if you had increased cash flow to live out the retirement you have always dreamed of.

4. Maintain a standard of living. Many individuals may be forced to adjust their lifestyle once they retire to accommodate a lack of income. If you want to maintain your preretirement lifestyle but require extra funds, you fall into this group.

If you belong to any of these groups, it may be time to consider the CHIP Reverse Mortgage as your financial solution. Call us to learn more!

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