First-time buyer’s guide to a typical Edmonton home inspection

First-time buyer’s guide to a typical Edmonton home inspection

If you are a first time home buyer in Edmonton, you may be wondering what to expect from a home inspection. Home inspections are basically a part of the standard contingency for buyers so that they can be assured that their future home is structurally sound before moving in. However, many buyers underestimate the importance of carrying out a home inspection and making sure it is done correctly before finally signing the final contract. Though home inspections are supposed to protect buyers from buying a structurally faulty home, it is important to have a realistic expectation of what happens during a home inspection and what can be a possible outcome.

Choosing the right inspector

Choosing the right person to inspect your home is important. Make sure to check references before you finalize someone. One critical aspect of this is finding a neutral inspector, someone who doesn’t patronize any of the parties and gives an authentic opinion. Sometimes if the inspector is not experienced enough, they may not be able to assess the magnitude of issues that a property may have in the long term. In some provinces, inspectors are regulated, which makes a seller’s job easy. But in unregulated territories like Ontario, it is good to research before finalizing an inspector.


A home inspector can give you a report card on what are the problems of a home and their seriousness. Mild warnings such as mildew may be indicated in their report. Generally, they would also do a detailed inspection of every nook and corner of your home, walls floors, etc. However, they are not permitted to break down any structures like a wall or beam to check pipes or leaks.

Why appoint a home inspector

While your real estate agent will try to close a deal as soon as possible, it is important to invest time and efforts in appointing a home inspector and getting a detailed review of your home. Only a home inspector can give an authentic report on the structural integrity of a home. Moreover, they can also give a futuristic perspective based on the present condition of a home. A home that has not been maintained correctly or is poorly constructed will have insignificant issues, which will eventually develop into bigger problems. A home inspector is likely to indicate serious problems, way before they become serious, safeguarding a potential buyer.

Generally, home inspections take around three to four hours depending on the size of a home. Inspectors examine both the interiors and exteriors of the home right from circuit panels to drainage to pipes and make a detailed report. Some of the parameters may be confusing for potential buyers and inspectors can easily address them to help a buyer understand what they are signing up for. If an inspector reports a critical observation, buyers can either back out of a sale, request resolving the issue from the seller or take the responsibility of solving an issue by themselves.

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