How to Stage Your Home

How to Stage Your Home

Are you finding that your current home is no longer meeting your needs and are looking to upsize, downsize or simply relocate? We have some tips for you on staging your home so you can get the best results (and the best offer!): 

1. Utilize Mirrors: Mirrors can really help to open up a space to make it seem much larger and brighter, which are two aspects that really appeal to most buyers. 

2. Pare Down Your Furniture: Depending on your space and room design, it can be a good idea to pair down furniture (such as extra chairs in a living room) to help open up the space more and allow the buyer to see its potential – without it being bare! 

3. Bring on the Hotel Vibe: When staging your bedroom and bathroom, think HOTEL aesthetic; clean white sheets, a single fluffed pillow, white towels for a clean and welcoming look. 

4. Declutter Your Spaces: While clutter makes your home feel you and feel lived in, for potential buyers it distracts from the room and makes the home feel like there is less space. 

5. Remove Personal Items: It is important to remember that buyers in your home are looking at it to become THEIR home. Removing any personal photographs and other items will help give them a sense of the space and ability to picture their own life there without distractions. 

By doing these five things, you can help your home standout on the market and make the best first impression possible! Looking for mortgage advice before you sell? Want to ensure your new home has the best rate? Reach out to a Dominion Lending Centres mortgage expert today to discuss your goals and current situation!

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