What will a Mortgage Broker do for you?

What will a Mortgage Broker do for you?

Mortgage brokers take the formidable task of finding the right mortgage to suit your unique needs financial situation and make it manageable. They can help you navigate the uncharted waters of the mortgage world, and will make sure you have the right tools and knowledge to make the decision that will best serve you. There are unique aspects to mortgage brokers that differ from going to big banks, and these things are really what set them apart and allow them to provide better service.

Without a mortgage broker, you would have to go to every financial institution that you were interested in and have a formal meeting regarding their mortgage rates and what they can do for you. It is smart to shop around, but this can be time consuming and if you are unfamiliar with the process you might not be able to get the best deal for you. A mortgage broker goes to financial institutions for you, amassing a list of possibilities for you to choose from, saving you time and possibly saving you money.

A mortgage broker is also different from a financial institution because their business is their personal brand. A large bank can suffer a few bad reviews, but a mortgage broker functions off of reviews and word-of-mouth. They risk their livelihood unless they give you the best service, which is something that they strive to do for you regardless of the relationship between you and your mortgage broker will be more trusted. They want to get you the best, and they strive to deliver that to you.

Something that a lot of people dread in many aspects of their lives is negotiations. Negotiating can be tricky, especially when you don’t know what a good outcome is or how much wiggle room there actually is. A mortgage broker negotiates on your behalf, and with their knowledge of the system, they will be able to negotiate you a great rate that you may have been unable to get for yourself.

A mortgage broker can also help you choose what kind of mortgage is right for you. They don’t just find you a mortgage, they do an in-depth interview with you to understand your financial goals, what you want out of buying a home, and where you want to be down the line. Doing this, they will be able to recommend if you want a
short term or long term mortgage, if you should go with a fixed or variable rate mortgages, and many other things. Their expertise helps you.

Something that can be tricky when reading through a mortgage agreement, if you are going it alone, is all the fine print and legal jargon. Mortgage brokers help you with all the little details and review final documents to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want and that there are no nasty surprises hiding between the lines.

Mortgage brokers are on your team, they want to get you the best mortgage that suits your needs – one that will not only get you into the home you want but that meshes with your financial goals.

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“Collin's team worked quickly and effectively to get us the best deal on our mortgage. After this experience, there's no reason that I would ever recommend someone just go to their bank to ask for a mortgage. Engage a professional like Collin to get the best deal. Thanks Collin!”

James (Spruce Grove)