Being a Careful Edmonton Home Buyer

Being a Careful Edmonton Home Buyer

Buying a home is a very big investment, and in order to make the right decision, you need to be careful with every aspect of the process. A house that checks off all of the aesthetic criteria on your list is great but this does not mean the house is perfect because there are issues that may not be obvious. A nice looking home is a requirement for many but doesn’t base your decision off the appearance of the house alone because there can be hidden problems with the property. If the seller neglects to disclose certain information, you may end up making a bad choice, so if you are in the market for a new home, make sure you pay close attention to the following:


This is one of the most common problems of any property and is connected to roofs, ceilings, kitchen sinks and faucets. If you are interested in a home, make sure to discuss this aspect with the seller because it is an issue that can easily be fixed and an honest homeowner will not keep this information from you.


This is a serious problem and you won’t want to move into a home that is experiencing this problem. Remember that things are not always as they appear and a home that looks great could actually have termites destroying the walls. A home inspection will notify you of this problem if it exists and will confirm whether or not the home in question has a pest infection. Always complete an inspection before you close the deal so that you have peace of mind.

HVAC systems

It’s important to know about the condition of the HVAC system present in the home because this will provide you with information regarding its functionality and the need for a replacement. You want the system to be working when you move in and knowing about the system and how old it is will tell you what you can expect. A home inspection will be able to help you with this aspect as well.


This is a crucial aspect of any home and must be in perfect condition. A poor foundation can lead to a lot of dangerous problems and very big headaches, so make sure any issues with this aspect are addressed so that you know whether or not the home is safe. Every part of a home relies on the foundation, and for this reason, an inspector is required to check on this aspect.

If you do not have a lot of experience buying homes, Collin Bruce can help. If you are a first time home buyer, we will ensure that the process is an enjoyable one. Whether you need to refinance your current mortgage or are interested in a second one, we can help, so if you are in the Edmonton area, give us a call today!

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